To download Minecraft:

You will need a Minecraft Java Edition Account to login.

2. If you do not have a Minecraft Java Edition Account, press get Minecraft

3. Select a version that includes Minecraft: Java Edition, checkout with a Microsoft Account.

4. After finish checking out, you should be logged in to your Microsoft Account, if not, log in.

5. Go to your profile page

6. Select download launcher

7. Download the Minecraft Launcher for your operating system.

8. Install the Launcher following the instructions.

9. Launch the Minecraft Launcher with your Microsoft Account.

10. Choose installation, select as follows

11. Choose 1.19.3, press play

To connect to our Minecraft server:

1. Select Multiplayer

2. Choose Add Server

3. Type the following:

Name: UFO Tech Academy
Server Address:

4. Choose UFO Tech Academy, then Join Server

There you go! You are now connected to our server, have fun!