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Minecraft Education & Coding

Have your children had exposure to Minecraft? Is it a game or a platform for learning programming? In different versions of Minecraft, what version should I choose for my children?

As a global training partner and certificate provider for Microsoft, UFO uses Minecraft Education Edition, where students can learn programming skills in the game and lay the foundation for their future.

180 students enrolled

Our curriculum fully activates the development of both the left and right brain, hand-eye coordination, and opens training windows for literacy, numeracy, object recognition, cultural and social communication, and emotional management.


Minecraft Music Class: Level 1
Duration: 12 lesson (One hour per session)
Target: Students who have not had exposure to Minecraft Education Edition and music theory

Learning Objective
Children are in the stage of abstract thinking enlightenment and are good at understanding intuitive things such as shapes, colors, and distances, but may not easily understand abstract music concepts (such as note values, beats, rhythms), and pitch (such as pitch and range). Therefore, we use different blocks in Minecraft to visually analogize notes and pitch, helping children quickly cross the abstract cognitive threshold and transform boring music theory knowledge into a journey of a music block game. Children can master basic music theory knowledge, identify staff notation, and play complete music with blocks. They can also learn advanced music theory knowledge, combine electronic circuit knowledge, and build complex music with blocks.

Minecraft Education Edition includes 10 kinds ofinstruments with 25 different pitch ranges, which are sufficient to present various children’s music. After completing this course, children can independently identify the simple staff notation of children’s songs and use music block cubes in the game to build block music that can play automatically.

Minecraft Architecture and Culture Class: Level 2
Duration: 12 Lessons (One hour per session)
Target: Students who already have basic knowledge of Minecraft Education Edition

Learning Objective
Identify classic historical buildings around the world and train modeling skills. Understand various architectural styles around the world, combine command programming tools, and design stylized buildings.

Understand historical and cultural buildings around the world and in Hong Kong, use programming to create simple games on different cultural buildings, and build sustainable cultural buildings in Minecraft Education Edition.

Science Class: Level 3 – 4
Duration: 12 Lessons (One hour per session)
Target: Target: Students who already have basic knowledge of Minecraft Education Edition and are interested in programming

Learning Objective

Explore science, understand the development of rockets and moon landings, and traverse space stations to learn about the latest space technology and use programming to build their own unique space-themed park, solving real-life problems. (Logical thinking – left brain training) (Space station modeling – right brain training)

Understand the mathematical thinking method of breaking down big things into small things and completing them in order. Solve real-life problems with mathematical and programming thinking and understand space science while building their own space-themedpark.


Introduction to Minecraft Music Class


Introduction to Minecraft Architecture and Culture Class


Introduction to Minecraft Science Class
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